Happy Monday, athletes!

1. REMINDER: Monday and Wednesday Schedule Change begins this week. Afternoon classes are now:

Monday/Wednesday: 330,430,6, and 7pm

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 330,430, and 6pm

You can view and save our current class schedule here on the website. Go to the homepage, find and click on “Schedule”, and scroll down.

2. Our weekly programming will now be posted only on SugarWOD. If you don’t have SugarWOD, go to your app store and get it. It is included in your membership, and is a very valuable tool that we can use to monitor and track your progress here at CrossFit Cimmeria. Once you download it, play around and familiarize yourself with it. Then when you come to class and have any questions, talk to any of your coaches or Howard ,(Stephanie has been running SW for us for years and knows it even better than I do) and they can get you started!.

And finally,

3. A love letter to my Cimmerians…(program related for you alphas out there)

Some of you may have noticed slight changes to the way we structured our classes this past week. That wasn’t random, and it wasn’t done by accident.

As an athlete, I’ve always appreciated taking classes from coaches who are clearly there to coach. To teach, and help people learn and become better. A coach that isn’t there everyday just to be a cheerleader. A coach shouldn’t be there to clock in for an hour or two, then clock out. I want the 1 hour you spend with us to be the best hour of your day, every single time you come in.

I want our gym to provide the absolute best quality classes that we can. And it’s on me to lead by example, and expect the same from my staff. A staff that I’m proud of, and thankful for. Coaches that I am inspired by, and continue to learn from.

All of us (coaches) are on board with what I think you’ll begin to notice this week, if you haven’t already; a renewed focus on filling our 60 minute classes with fresh and well thought out warm ups, mobility work, and skill development. This is the CFC of old, it’s what I believe CF is at its best and at its core. It’s what I fell in love with and what I want to provide to every single one of our members.

I’m proud lead us in this slightly new direction.

This new direction can be hard for a coach who lacks the confidence to lead, a coach who can’t demand then best from every single person in class. I

t’s a hard place to go because it’s very easy to be loved when an athlete hits a PR, but its not often a thankful job when we break down movement, work mobility, or drill the basics. There aren’t many high fives given after a focused and well executed Burgener Warm-Up. But you need that dedicated skill work. Yes, you. And me too. We all do.

So, as we begin with a renewed purpose I’ll ask for your help. For our classes, and for our community.

Please be on time, and ready to go when class starts. I know traffic, kids, jobs, etc.. please do your best. If late is a habit, it’s time to break it.

Occasionally or often, greet and introduce yourself to new members. Think back to your first day, week, month. Remember seeing a partner WOD as a new member? Scary times. So throw out a high five and say hi to the terrified newbies. They’re just friends you haven’t met, until you do.

Help us at the white board by respecting your coaches and valuing their time. Respect the members who may be trying to hear more about something written on the board that is unfamiliar.

Be coachable. We can all be better. I hope we all WANT to be better.

You have some very qualified and motivated coaches here at CFC. We don’t give you feedback, good or constructive, just to talk. We have your best interest at heart, we really do.

Be willing to listen. To really listen. And please ask so many questions. Drive your coach crazy with questions. A good coach will talk (or type) endlessly about this stuff. Because they’re passionate, and because they care. And because we have your best interest at heart.

Please give us feedback. Anytime. If you have a lot to say, schedule a time with me or any of your coaches. But please tell us how we’re doing. I know we that can’t make everyone happy all the time, unfortunately.

That said, after talking with a few of you in the past weeks, I was again reminded that perspective is critical. And I want yours. Good feedback or not, we can’t make you happy if we don’t know that you’re not.

I appreciate those of you that have come to me recently with ideas, concerns, and thank you’s. I’ve listened, and I hear you. I think that you’ll recognize my appreciation for your time and feedback, beginning immediately.

So here we go, Cimmerians. Together, onward and upward!

See you in Gainsville,

Coach Ty