WOD: 09.06.2017

Hey team!

*Open Gym Hours*

Here is my advice to you for Wednesday: Stay home, crank the AC and breath easy.  Keep your body healthy, do a home WOD or some mobility work, eat healthy and catch up on some sleep.

I can't in good conscience give you a workout tomorrow to do in the gym, it's just too bad around our area right now.  I was in the gym all day today and had to leave earlier than I wanted, just to get out of there.

But I understand that we are adults and you pay to train here, so I also can't keep closing the gym that you're paying for.

So..IF YOU MUST, you can come in and move around a little bit, working on the things that you want to work on.  

OPEN GYM HOURS: 930-11:00am + 4-6pm.  There will not be a WOD posted here or on the board.  

Please be safe, take care of yourselves, and stay healthy.