WOD: 09.14.2017

Not For Time.

4 Rounds:

10 Close Grip DB Bench Press (50/35)

15 Bent Over KB Rows each arm (53/35)

20 Strict Presses (45/35)

25 Banded Pull-Aparts

"The unwieldiness of two things brings all of the wonderful neurological dynamics that translate to increased strength" - Greg Glassman

Looking to add in some accessory work during this session. It's a great day to slow things down and focus on quality of movement vs intensity. The benefit of dumbbells is similar to that of the rings.  The instability of the ring dip makes in more of a challenging movement. Practicing the unstable movement makes the stable movement, a bar dip for example, much easier.  Similarly, training with dumbbells will work to improve barbell movements.