WOD: 08.09.2017

Met-Con: Team 10k Row

Teams of 3: 10k Row, switching every 250m.

Want to go to that dark place, outside of your comfort zone, where all the gains are made? Here is your written invitation..

With each athlete having approximately 13 efforts on the erg, INTENSITY is the name of the game for this metabolic conditioning piece.

It DOES NOT matter who you partner up with today.  Every time you're on the rower, it is an absolute all out sprint.  You're going to be getting a significant work to rest ratio and if you pace it, not only does your team suffer with a slower time, but your fitness suffers as well. There is a difference between 13, 250m casual row efforts and 13 ALL OUT EFFORTS.  

If your partners are a little faster than you, good.  You'll get to work on learning to recover just a little bit faster.

If your partners are a little slower than you, good.  You'll have the opportunity to come in a bit more fresh and bring even more intensity to your time on the rower.

Looking forward to seeing what you can do.