WOD: 08.08.2017

Skills: Hang Power Cleans. 15 min with coach reviewing the lift.


At 0:00-

50 Hand Stand Push Ups (scale to DB Push Press, or your current progression)

At 8:00-

30 Hang Power Cleans @ 65% of your 1RM.

At 16:00-

50 Bar Muscle Ups (Scale to Chest to Bar or standard Pull-Ups / Ring Rows)

At 24:00-30:00-

50 Push-Ups w/ feet on (2) 45# plates stacked. Chin needs to touch the floor for the reps to count.

*Move fast! Move on to the next movement if you do not finish a movement within the 8 min.  If you do finish, take the remaining time to rest until the next start time.