WOD: 08.31.2017

Strength: 15 min to find a 2 rep max Bench Press (competition style)

Met-Con: Strict Lynn

5 Rounds:

Max Reps Unbroken Bodyweight Bench Press (Female RX: 60% Bodyweight)

Max Reps Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups (Scale to competition Ring Rows)

Rest 3 min between sets

There will need to be some shuffling of benches to allow for pull-ups in larger classes.  Rest only as long as it takes to move the bench and barbell before beginning your pull-ups.

On the Bench Press, feet, head, and glutes must stay on the bench.  Bar must lightly touch the chest and extend back to a full lockout on both reps.  Returning the bar to the rack before reaching lockout will be a "No Rep!"

This will be the requirement in the upcoming competition.