WOD: 08.27.2017

Met-Con: "Boom! I'm glad that's over"


50/35 Cal Row

AMRAP "Macho Man" (115/75)*

Rest 5 min.


35/25 Cal Row

AMRAP  "Macho Man" (135/95)

Rest 5 min.


20/15 Cal Row

AMRAP "Macho Man" (155/105)

"Macho Man" - 3 Power Cleans, 3 Front Squats, 3 Push Jerks

*RX+ 135/95, 155/105, 185/135

In today's interval based conditioning, the Push Jerk will be the most challenging movement of the three, and also the biggest limiting factor.  Choosing a weight that you can do 20+ reps, 15+ reps, and 10+ reps respectfully when totally fresh will help ensure the proper stimulus for the workout. 

We will run groups on separate 5 minute intervals if class sizes make that necessary. 

The third power clean may not be squat cleaned as the first squat repetition.  Athletes must stand to full extension after their last power clean before beginning the front squats.