WOD: 08.22.2017

Skills: Rower

Spending our time today on teaching efficiency on the Rower.  Rowing is a perfect example of a movement that is equal parts technique and intensity.  An athlete who is technically proficient on the rower may look as if they are going for a walk in the park while still maintaining a strong pace.  

Other athletes who have not yet quite developed proper movement patterns may be working much harder than they need to. Finding this balance of technique and effort today is important, as we are spending a fair amount of time on the rower.

Met-Con: 3 Rounds

(50/35) Cal Row

100 Double Unders (scale to double taps or )

200m Farmer Carry (70's/53's)

Pick a pair of bells that you can carry for the entire 200m without setting down more than one time.  There are very few people that will be able to go RX on the KB weight.