WOD: Saturday, August 12th.

Met-Con: 8 min AMRAP

200m Run 

20 Med Ball Cleans (30/20)

400m Run

40 Med Ball Cleans

4 Min Rest, and then:

8 Min AMRAP of:

20 Front Squats (115/75)

20 Push Press (115/75)

20 GHD or Weighted Sit-Ups (20/15)

For todays AMRAP's we are looking for 8 min of as much intensity as you're willing to bring. 

The weight for the Front Squats should be on the light side; something that allows you to go unbroken on at least the first and hopefully second set.  Whatever weight you use for the Squats, you will use for the Push Press as well, so choose carefully!

See you studs tomorrow!