WOD: 07.22.2017

Reminder! No Kids Class this weekend, but will be back next Saturday at 10am.

Met-Con/Strength: Meathead Deck of Death!

If you have a full deck of cards, bring them in!

Partner up and work through the 52 card deck with one partner working at a time! 

Hearts: Front Squats from rig @ (135/95)

Diamonds: Ring Dips (RX, Muscle Up to the rings)

Spades: Power Cleans @ (155/105)

Clubs: Push Jerks from rig @ (135/95)

Jokers: 1st: 20 D Ball Ground to Shoulders each (100/70), one partner works at a time. 2nd Joker: 50 GHD or Weighted Sit-Ups each, one partner works at time.