WOD 6.19.2017


Back Squat: 4x10 @ 60%. 2 min rest between sets.

Met-Con: 21 min AMRAP with a partner*

200m Run

12/9 Cal Row

12 Thrusters (65/45)**

*Partner 1 completes a full round, then partner 2 does the same, alternating rounds for 21 min.

**Pick a weight that you can perform fast, safe, unbroken reps for the entire WOD.  Every time you set the bar down, you and your partner must perform 5 burpees, immediately.

One of the many benefits of high intensity exercise is EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  This means your body is processing oxygen at a much higher rate well after you are done working out.  Longer duration, aerobic exercise does not increase your metabolic rate nearly as much as the higher intensity training like today.  This is just one more reason why I prefer higher intensity.