WOD 5/31/2017

Skills: Hand Stand Push Ups, Modifications, and Progressions. Use this time as a chance to practice whatever progression you're at for HSPU.  Use the appropriate scale/modification during the metcon to give yourself the best conditioning session possible. 

Met-Con: 13min AMRAP*

55/40 Cal Row

55 Thrusters (95/65)

55 Pull-Ups

55 Kipping HSPU. Scale to DB Push Press (35/25).

*Thrusters: Use a weight that will allow you to finish the thrusters in 3-4 sets, at most.  We want as few, short rest periods as possible, this is an AMRAP, not a strength session.

*HSPU: Handstand pushups are cool, but only a necessity if you're wanting to compete at a high level in the sport of exercising for time.  But if you're like the majority of our gym, and strength and conditioning is your goal, DB Push Press is an excellent modification.  These will allow you to increase the strength in your shoulders, while still practicing a movement that takes coordination, mobility, and balance.  DB Push Press at an appropriate weight will also allow you to keep moving during an AMRAP workout, helping you increase your work capacity.  

Be willing to set your ego aside when choosing movements and weights.  People that get halfway through a workout, day after day, because they HAVE to RX are making a bad choice.  There should not be anybody that doesn't get to all 4 movements today, and hopefully well into the second round.