WOD, 5/4/2017

For those that came in yesterday, I know you're tired and probably starting to tighten up.  Do yourself a favor and get in here today and move around.  Without a doubt it will help with your recovery.  We're going big on Friday, so I want you all feeling good for a fun Friday workout.

Mobility: (we will do this at the beginning of class)

Birddogs: 2x10-15 each side.

Hamstring Stretch w/band: Accumulate :60 on each leg.

Thoracic Extension: 10-15 w/foam roller.


2-3 Rounds. (Not for time, but should not exceed 20 minutes)

400m Run/Walk

2 Min Easy Row

2 Min Easy Bike

:30-:60 Plank, depending on ability.

50m Waiters Carry (light)