WOD 5/30/2017

Strength: NFT

2 Rounds:

20 GHD/Weighted Sit Ups (choose weight if desired)

20 Strict Toes To Bar. Scale to strict knee ups, stay tight and do not allow yourself to swing.

20 Light, Banded or PVC Good Mornings.

Skills: KB Movements for the Met-Con

Met-Con: 10 Min Cap

21-15-9 of:

KBS (71/53) If needed for larger classes you may use a DB at an appropriate weight.

KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

KB Goblet Squats

Any time that you set the KB on the floor to rest, perform 10 HR Push-Ups and resume your KB work.

This workout is much harder than it looks.  We ran this on December 16th of 2015, and almost everyone, myself included, underestimated it.  If you were here then, and on SugarWOD, take a look back and use this as an opportunity to gauge your gainz!