WOD 5/23/2017

Skills: Squat Clean

Met-Con: 3 Person Teams*

3 RFT:

75 Squat Cleans**

Team Hill Run. (across 202nd, up the hill to 212th and back)

To get the most out of this workout for each member of the team, it will be important to partner up appropriately, and to scale as needed. If we have an odd number, or pairing is difficult, we may ask you to run it as a single, doing 25 reps before starting each run.  Or a team of 2 can perform 50 reps before beginning their run.

1 partner works on the barbell at a time, while others rest.  Share reps as needed to complete the 75.  The run will be performed together, and work on the bar cannot begin until all team members are back.

Weight for the cleans will increase each round.

Round 1: (95/65)

Round 2: (115/80)

Round 3: (135/95)