WOD 5/17/2017

Warm-up will be setting up and performing light sets working up to working weight of your Met-Con movements.  We will move straight into the conditioning, following your strength work.

Strength: 20 min.

Overhead Squat - Heavy Set of 3

Met-Con: EMOMx12, Alternating:

Min 1: 12 KB Front Rack Lunges (53's/35's)

Min 2: 12 Pushups (Feet on 45# Plates, stacked on top of each other)*

Min 3: 12 DB (45's/30's) Box Step-Ups (20in)

Min 4: 40 second plank.

*Not Hand Release.  Come down in control, until your chin (not hips) touch the floor. Maintain a tight core and flat plank position. Scale to HR Pushups.