Saturdays Tour De Cure Fundraiser WOD

Reminder! No Kids Class today!

If you haven't donated yet, and would like to, copy this link and make your donation today!

Our heats start at 9am, and the gym closes at 11am.

Show up early to your heat to warm up and get stretched out.  We won't be coaching movements before hand, other than helping with modifications.

If you did not get signed up on the board that's been out for the last 2 weeks, don't show up expecting to WOD.  All but the 10am heat have filled.

You have 3 WOD's to choose from today!

1: (The planned WOD).  1 Mile Run, 100 Cal Bike, 1 Mile Run.

2. HERO WOD "3 Wise Men".


As always, you can scale and modify as appropriate with coaches approval.

With so many people running different WOD's, I'll do my best to keep the clock running, but would strongly recommend setting a timer on your phone when you begin your WOD, to ensure you get an accurate time.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 

I'll be to the gym by 8:40 for those beginning at 9 to warm up.