WOD 4-19-17

Skills:  Pick A or B.  Skill work will be with a coach.  You'll have 10 minutes at A or B.

A:  Kipping T2B or Pull-Ups. 

B: Find a 1 RM Weighted Pull-Up.

Met-Con: CFC Filthy Fifty

50 Wall Balls

50 Push Press (95/65)

50 Reverse Lunges (95/65) Bar on your back.

50 GHD or Weighted Sit-Ups (30/20)

50 Alternating Pistols. Scale to Bulgarian Split Squat

50 T2B

50 Cal Row

Post WOD Mobility:

Couch Stretch: 2x :60 Alt Legs

Foam Roll: 10 minute low body session.