WOD: Friday, 12.08.2017

Strength: 20 min to build to a heavy complex from the rig.

1 Thruster + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

1 Push Jerk

1 Split Jerk

Met-Con: 7 Rounds, On the 3:00 (Last round starts on the 18:00)

20/16 Calorie Row

100m D-Ball Run (70/40)**

Rest until the next round. If you're not getting at least :30 rest in the early rounds, scale back!

**We're just looking for an odd object carry here, so other RX options if classes are large would be: Red KB for men, Green KB for women.  Women may also use a 45# bumper plate as an RX option.  Please DO NOT DROP Kettlebells, or Bumper Plates indoors or out.