WOD: 12.05.2017

Skills: Snatch

Met-Con: Team of 3 Snatch Ladder*

0:-2:00: 15 Reps @ 115/75

2-4:00:  12 Reps @ 135/95

4-6:00: 9 Reps @ 155/105

6-8:00: 6 Reps @ 185/125

8-10:00: AMRAP @ 205/135

Share reps as needed.  

If an athlete misses a lift, they can still move on to the next round, as long as the team completes the prescribed reps before that round ends.

You do NOT have to wait until the next round starts before moving on.  So if your team finishes the first set of 15 reps, you can move to the next bar (or add weight if using one bar due to class size)

If your team cannot complete the prescribed reps in the window, the workout is done.

Strongly recommended scaled weights would be: 95/55, 105/65, 115/75, 135/85, 155/95.

Of course you are welcome to scale differently if needed.