WOD: 12.05.2017

Strength: Strict Shoulder Press

1-10-1-10-1 For Total  Load! Example: If I do 1 rep at 100#, my score for the first rep is 100.  If for the next set, 10 reps I use 60#, my score for that set is 600.  After all 5 sets, add your score for a total, and that is your score for the day.  

If you only get 8 reps out of the 10, you don't get to rack and rest, or try again.  Your score would be 8 reps x the weight used.  So you are much better off going 5-10# lighter and being successful than going for something ridiculous and only getting 6 reps. Be successful on every set!

Met-Con: On the 3 minute for 9 minutes. (3 rounds)

15/12 Cal Bike

12 Bar Over Burpees

9 Unbroken Clean and Jerks (135/95)*

*Unbroken means touch and go.  No re-grip on the floor!