WOD: 11.03.2017

Our very own Kristin is headed to the Police Academy, so we are running a special going away WOD for her today, in all classes.

Kristin will be taking the 6pm class so if you can make that, be here!

Met-Con: Cops and Crooks (teams of 2)

6 RFT:

57 Calorie Row

7 Deadlifts (315/205)

9 Bench Press (225/115)

9 Man Makers (50/35)

9 Junk Yard Dogs (3 over and back, 3 over and unders, 3 over and back.  So 9 total per team, break it up however you want)

Partner with another team, one team are the cops, the other team are the crooks.  If the Cops come out with a better score, they win.  If the Crooks have a better score, they win.  It's a classic battle of Good vs Evil :)

We will keep scores all day to see if the crooks get away with the crime, or the cops put the bad guys away!