WOD: 11.20.2017

Hey team!  We will be running charges for our Fall Hoodie order at end of day today. (Monday) If you have a last minute order, get it in ASAP, and we'll get it done!

Met-Con A: On the Minute x 10

Odd: 30% of Max Muscle-Ups or Pull-Ups

Even: 40 Double Unders / Double Taps.  Athletes may choose to do 40 seconds of D/U Practice

Rest 5 Min

Met-Con B: 10 min Max Calorie Row/Bike

3-2-1-Go! Athletes begin on the rower or bike.

On the 1:00 - 15 Sit-Ups

On the 2:00 - 12 Sit-Ups

On the 3:00 - 9 Sit-Ups

On the 4:00 - 15 Sit-Ups

On the 5:00 - 12 Sit-Ups

On the 6:00 - 9 Sit-Ups

On the 7:00 - 15 Sit-Ups

On the 8:00 - 12 Sit-Ups

On the 9:00 - 9 Sit-Ups

Rowing/Biking for 10 Minutes with the sit-ups every minute on the minute. At 0:00, athletes will start on the bike or rower and try to accumulate as many Calories as possible during this time frame, getting back on the rower or bike after each set of sit-ups.