WOD: 11.17.2017

Strength: 17 min Clock

Find a Heavy:

1 Rep Heavy Strict Shoulder Press

2 Rep Heavy Push Press

1 Rep Heavy Push Jerk

Score is Weight used for 1 rep + Weight used for 2 reps + Weight used for 1 rep.

Met-Con: We will be outside, RAIN or SHINE.  Dress appropriatly.

2-3 Person Teams

1 Mile Sled Pull** (135/95 on the sled). Partner Carries 2 KB's (70/53) Stay together, and switch work as often as needed to get your team back as fast as possible!

**Team of 3 will have 1 partner rest as they walk along side the team.  Alternate as needed, with 1 partner always on rest,  to get back to the gym as fast as possible!

Early morning and Evening classes, bring your headlamps or flashlights!