WOD: 10.09.2017

Strength: Bench Press

15 min to build to today's 1 rep heavy.

Then: 2 Min AMRAP DB Bench Press (50/30)

Met-Con: 15 Min AMRAP

10 Strict Pull-Ups*

15 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Strict Press (65.35)

20 GHD's.  Scale to Weighted Sit-Ups (20/10) with dumbbell firmly pressed against and across your upper chest.

*For Pull-Ups, scale to Kipping up to the bar, then lowering on a 3 count under control.  Or Jumping Pull-Ups with the same controlled negative.  Newer athletes please scale to Ring Rows, with rings in a position that make the 10th rep very difficult.