Saturdays MS Fundraiser WOD


1: This Saturday, 10.28.2017, we will have classes at 9am, and 10am only, for our Fundraiser workout.  $10/person, or $40/team is the suggested, but not required donation.

2: Beginning next week we have 2 schedule changes.  1st, we are going to combine our 9am and 10am classes and offer ONLY a 9:30.  I've been considering this for over a year, and after having 5 or 6 days this month when nobody would show to one of the two classes, it's just something we have to do.  So, 9:30am classes beginning next Monday and offered 5 days a week.

The second schedule change is going to be to our Tuesday and Thursday night 7pm Strength Class.  Due to low attendance we are going to turn that class into a normal CrossFit Class, it will be the same WOD offered at all other classes.  If we get more interest in Strength, we will bring it back based on demand.

3: We will be closed next Saturday, November 4th, as all coaches head out to participate on the Fundraiser.  We hate to close the gym anytime, but this is for a good cause, and after the Friday WOD for Kristin, you won't mind a rest day.

WOD FOR MS: Teams of 4, split reps as needed.

120 Calorie Row

90 Burpees over the Bar

60 Squat Cleans (135/95)

20 Peg Board Climbs* (one partner must hold the bar in the top of a Deadlift position at all times, until the Peg Board reps are done.  (Scale to 100 Supinated grip Reverse Push-Ups, same rule with the bar being held at all times)

60 Squat Cleans (135/95)

90 Burpees over the Bar

120 Calorie Row!