WOD: 10.25.2017


This Friday we will be running a special WOD for our very own Kristin who is off to the Police Academy for the next 4 months!  Reps, Rounds, and Time will be based on her badge number! 

Saturday we will be running two classes: 9am, and 10am for our M.S. Fundraiser WOD! Teams of 4 (3 will work if needed).  You don't have to have your same sex or mixed team set up ahead of time, though you're welcome to.  If you need a partner(s) we will set you up at the beginning of class.  Suggested donation is $40 per team, and we will have a booth set up where you can make your donation to Lauren DeWitt, who will get it to the right people.

Here is your workout for Wednesday!

Strength: 2 Rounds

55% of Max Unbroken Handstand Push-Ups or DB Presses (we tested these last week)

45% of Max Reps

35% of Max Reps

*Rest as little as needed between unbroken sets, rest 2:00 between rounds.

Met-Con: 15 Min AMRAP

Teams of 2. You go, I go.*

10 Bench Press (135/95)

10 Power Snatch (95/65)

*Partner 1 goes through the round then partner 2 follows*

Weight today should allow you to go unbroken on most, if not all sets of Bench Press and allow you to move with perfect form on the Power Snatch.  This is a fast and light WOD.  If unsure how to scale the weight, you should probably be working at 45-50% of your 1RM on both lifts.