WOD: 10.23.2017

An underlying goal of our program is to fight off the nursing home. If we lose the ability to squat to a toilet or to pick up an object off the ground, we are forced to transition the the nursing home.  It is our goal to be fitter 10 years from now than we are today.

If we take an athlete who is not interested in excelling inside the Open, or competing in mid-high level competitions, I believe that such an athlete doesn't necessarily need to practice butterfly pull-ups.  Or kipping handstand pushups.  

As a competitive CrossFit athlete, these higher risk movements are part of the sport, and need to be trained to excel on the competition floor.  

For our average athlete who's goal is to become a better snow-boarder, rock climber, mountain bike rider, or simply to maintain a higher quality of health, such movements can pose more risk than benefit. 

So when considering scaling, or modifications during strength or met-cons, please consider the above information when making the smartest possible decision for your personal, specific fitness goals.

The goal is improving fitness on a slow, safe trajectory towards a distant horizon.  #longevity

Strength: (25 min) Power Clean  

Every :90 

3 @ 50% 

3 @ 55%

2 @ 60%

2 @ 65%

1 @ 70%

1 @ 75%

Then: 1-1-1-1-1 Building to a heavy for today, adding weight only as long as the technique stays solid.

Met-Con: Run Conditioning 

On the Minute x 12

200m Run

Slowest 200m is your score today.