WOD: 10.13.2017

Skills: Split Jerk

Met-Con: 15 Minutes.  This is PLENTY of time, we're capping it here just so we can use the full 45 minutes to warm up and work C+J skill. 

7 Rounds:

30 Double Unders

1 Clean and Jerk*

*Athletes choice of weight. Whatever weight you choose, you will stay with for all 7 rounds.   NO taking weight off, no putting more weight on!

Your score today is your total weight moved after 7 rounds.  So if you successfully Clean and Jerk 100#, 7 times, your score is 700.  If you miss your lift, you don't get another attempt, so your score for that round is 0.  

The goal here is to be successful with every lift.  Perfect form, getting comfortable with the Clean and Jerk.