WOD BLOG 03.18.2019 - 03.23.2019

Hey team!

Happy Monday, Cimmerians!

The updated coaching schedule is up, here on the website now. Class times have not changed.

Also, check out my FB or Instagram page after 8pm tonight to check out my podcast, “The Cognitive Caveman”, Episode 5 “Meet the Coach”. I sat down with our newest coach, Coach Jesse and we talked CrossFit, strength, conditioning, and nutrition. It’s a fun show, and it will give those of you who haven’t had a chance to meet Jesse, an opportunity to learn more about him.

I couldn’t be more proud to have him joining our team!


So, 100% day is here. We’ve worked hard for the last 6 weeks, we’re ready for this. But…

I want you to be as happy with your technique today as with the weight you get up.

Mechanics, Consistency, then AND ONLY then, relative Intensity!

A. Back Squat.

5 @ 70%

5 @ 80%

2 @ 85%

3 @ 90%

1 @ 100%

B. Front Squat.

5 @ 65%

4 @ 75%

4 @ 80%

4 @ 85%


“Hateful 8”

8 Rounds for time:

8 Hand Release Push Ups

8 GHD or weighted Sit Ups (25/15)

8 Air Squats

8 Pull-Ups (festivus athletes 10 STRICT ring rows)

8 Deadlifts (95/65)

8 Hang Power Cleans

8 Shoulder to Overhead

8 Cal Bike Row or Erg


A. Snatch Balance. 2 second pause in the bottom position.

In 15 min, build to a moderate heavy. Not aiming for a PR today, just looking to get comfortable in the bottom position.

B. “Bergeron Beep Test”

EMOM for as long as possible.

7 Thrusters (75/55)

7 Pull-Ups (Bands or rings, no jumping)

7 Burpees.

Rest with any time you have remaining. When you can no longer perform the prescribed reps in your minute, your workout is over. So pick a weight and reps scaled option that is appropriate. Pleas ask your coaches if you’re unsure.


Front Squats FIRST today.

5 @ 60%

5 @ 65%

5 @ 70%

5 @ 70%

Back Squat.

4 @ 70%

4 @ 75%

4 @ 80%

4 @ 85%

FRIDAY. To be announced. CrossFit Open 19.5


We’ll see what Friday brings and then post Saturday’s WOD.

WOD BLOG 10.08.2018-10.13.2018

Happy Monday, Cimmerians!


A: Gymnastics

10 min EMOM: 5 Strict Pull-Ups (add weight if appropriate) Scale to coaches recommended modification. Goal is to improve your pulling strength.

B: Met-Con: 4 Individually Timed Rounds. SCORE is SLOWEST ROUND

20 KB Swings (red/green)

10/8 Cal Bike

10 Alt Front Rack Walking Lunges (red/green) Switch Shoulders every 5 reps.

Rest 2 min between rounds

C: Mobility

:45 low sit butterfly hold (on ground) x 2 rounds. Shake out between rounds

:60 lat stretch on rig, or boxes. x 2 rounds.


A: Met-Con

30 min alternating EMOM

Min 1: 3 OHS @ 70% (from ground)

Min 2: 10 DB Weighted Sit-Ups (35/25)

Min 3: :20 Hollow Hold

B: Mobility

10 min of focused foam roll on “hot spots”


A: Strength. Every 2 min for 5 Rounds

5 Bench Press @ 75-80%

*Static across all sets

B. Met-Con

10 Min AMRAP

10 Deadlifts (185/125)

30 Double Undersa

Score: Rounds + Reps

C: Mobility. Double time Tabata

:40 on / :20 off for 3 Rounds

-Cobra Stretch with hip on ground (Back Extension)

-Scorpion Stretch (Opposite Side leg touches with athlete on stomach)

-Spinal Twist


A: Met-Con:


Hand Stand Push Ups (scale to coaches recommended modification)


B. Strength (after metcon)

Every :90 for 8 Rounds

1 Front Squat + :05 Pause at bottom position @ 75-80%

Build for 3 sets, Static Sets 4-8



4 Rounds

400m Run

200m Farmer Carry (50’s / 35’s)



WOD: 05.14.2018 - 05.18.2018


5k Run! 

Drink lots of water today, and come in well fed, and rested.  Don't forget the sunscreen, music, sunglasses, or anything else you'll need.  Newer athletes may choose or need to scale this distance.  If rowing, perform the 5k on the rower. (5000m) 


Strength: Push Press

1 Push Press, every 2 minutes for 7 sets.  Each single rep should be at or near your 1RM.  You can add or subtract weight as needed, but aim to stay HEAVY for all 7 sets. 

Met-Con: For Time

40 HR Push-Ups

40 Single Arm KB Thrusters (53/35) Only switching hands every 10 reps.

40 HR Push-Ups


Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets) of:
Pause Front Squat x 1 rep. 3 second descent, 2 second hold in bottom position. 

Build over the course of the 6 sets to today’s 1-RM Pause Front Squat.

Four sets for max reps of cleans against a 2-minute running clock, with 2 minutes of rest between sets:
Run 200 Meters. (Row 250m)
Squat Cleans (135/95)


Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
2 Snatch Lift-Offs + Snatch

Build over the course of the 10 sets to something heavy. A Snatch Lift-Off is the first portion of the snatch, from the ground to the knees. Keep your torso angle consistent through all phases of this lift-off, and pause 2-seconds at the knees each lift-off. After your two lift-offs, reset and perform a full snatch.

For time: 15 min time cap.
Run 800 Meters
30 Power Snatches (135/95)
Run 800 Meters

The 30 power snatches should take no more than 5 minutes, so please modify the weight for the appropriate stimulus.


3 min AMRAP.  

Rest 2 Min, then starting from the top:

6 min AMRAP

Rest 2 Min, then starting from the top:

12 Min AMRAP!  Aim to get back on the Rower!

20 Cal Row

30 Wall Balls (20/14) 

20 T2B

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

20 KB Sumo D.L. High Pull (Red/Green)

30 Burpees

20 Shoulder to Overheads (135/95) *from the floor





PROGRAMMING 05.07.2018 - 05.11.2018


In teams of two, alternating movements throughout, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 30 minutes of:
50 Double-Unders
40 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
30 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lbs)
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
10 Toes to Bar

Partner A starts with 50 double-unders, Partner B then performs 40 kettlebell swings, Partner A then performs 30 wall ball shots, Partner B does 20 box jumps, Partner A does 10 toes to bar, then Partner B does 50 double-unders…and so on.


Every 2 minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets):
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 70%
*Set 2 – 4 reps @ 75%
*Set 3 – 3 reps @ 80%
*Set 4 – 2 reps @ 85
*Set 5 – 1 rep @ 90%
*Sets 6-8 – 2-3 reps @ 90%

Against a 2-minute running clock, complete as reps as possible of:
Row 300/250 Meters
Max Reps of Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
Rest 2 minutes between sets, and complete a total of 4 sets for max reps.


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
5 Strict Handstand Push-Ups (7 Strict DB Press)
10 DB Thrusters (95/65 lbs) 
200 Meter Run

Rest 8 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
40 Double-Unders
20/15 Hand-Release Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups

Rest 8 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
15 Toes to Bar
10/5 Ring Dips


Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets):
Snatch x 1.1.1
(rest 5-7 seconds between singles)

Two sets for max reps/calories of:
3 Minutes of Assault Bike
Rest 60 seconds
3 Minutes of Single-Arm Kettlebell Clean & Jerk (53/35 – switch arms every 10 reps)
Rest 60 seconds
3 Minutes of Rowing
Rest 60 seconds


Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets) of:
Pause Front Squat x 2 reps @ 32X1

Build over the course of the 6 sets to today’s heavy double.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
1 Deadlift
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
(You must perform 5 burpees any time the weight settles on the ground. Loading: Men=115 lbs, Women=75 lbs)


TBA :)

Saturday WOD! "Stanky Legs"

MET-CON: With a partner. 36 min Cap

RX+ Wear a weighted vest (20/14) Don't even try asking for a vest if you can't run this RX.

48 Strict Heel Clap Buy-In

6 Rounds for time, with a partner, sharing reps as needed.

12 Air Squats

12 Pull-Ups (24 Ring Rows)

12 Box Jumps (24/20)

12 Thrusters (135/95)

12 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (135/95)

24 Cal Bike / Row / Ski-Erg (no using the same machine two times in a row, unless necessary)

After ALL 6 rounds are completed:

48 Strict Heel Clap Cash-Out

Programming 02.12.208 - 02.16.2018

MONDAY, 02.12.2018

Strength: Deadlift

Take 25 min to build to a heavy single.

Met-Con: 8 min AMRAP

6 Deadlifts (225/155 lbs) Scale to 50-55% of today's heavy single.
12 Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)

TUESDAY, 02.13.2018

Teams of two will alternate movements to complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 24 minutes of:

3 Strict Handstand Push-Ups (scale to 1 wall climb)
6 Strict Pull-Ups
9 Toes-to-Bar
12 Russian Kettlebell Swings (red/green)
200m Run (scale to 15 Calories of Rowing)

Partner A will do 3 handstand push-ups, Partner B does 6 pull-ups, Partner A does 9 toes to bar, Partner B does 12 kettlebell swings, Partner A does 15 calories of rowing, then Partner B does 3 strict handstand push-ups, and so on…for the duration of the 24 minutes.

WEDNESDAY, 02.14.2018

For the following 20 minutes, increase the loading on the barbell each set, allowing the initial positional work to help you build into heavy loading for your full cleans from the floor.

Every Minute on the Minute, for 6 minutes (6 sets):
High Hang Clean x 1 rep @ 50-65 of 1-RM Clean

Rest 60 seconds, and then…

Every 90 seconds, for 6 minutes (4 sets):
Hang Clean x 1 rep @ 65-80% of 1-RM Clean

Rest 60 seconds, and then…

Every 2mins, for 6 minutes (3 sets):
Clean x 1 rep @ 80+% of 1-RM Clean

MET-CON: 14 min time cap.

Complete rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps for time of:
135/95 lb Power Cleans (scale to approximately 55% or less of today's heaviest lift)
Strict Handstand Push-Ups (scale to pike push-ups on a box, or Strict DB Press w/weight that makes it VERY hard to go unbroken.

THURSDAY, 02.15.2018

Strength: Three sets of:
Back Squat x 6 reps
Rest 2 minutes

Increase the weight you used last week by at least 5%. If you missed your squatting sessions in the last two weeks, select a weight that will make your final 2-3 reps of your final set extremely difficult.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
10 Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
20 Calories of Rowing

FRIDAY, 02.16.2018

For time: 20 min time cap.
80 Double-Unders
40 Russian Kettlebell Swings (red/green)
20 Ring Dips
10 Bar Muscle-Ups
800 Meter Run
10 Bar Muscle-Ups
20 Ring Dips
40 Russian Kettlebell Swings
80 Double-Unders

STRENGTH: Don't underestimate the value of accessory work!
Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes (3 sets of each):
Minute 1 – Supine Ring Rows x 8-10 reps @ 2111
Minute 2 – Side Plank (Left) x 40 seconds
Minute 3 – Side Plank (Right) x 40 seconds
Minute 4 – Reverse Snow Angels x 15 reps (slow & controlled)
Minute 5 – Hollow Rocks or Hold x 30-40 seconds

Saturday WOD!

For Time:

50 deadlifts (135/95 pounds)

50 Russian double-kettlebell swings (53/35))

50 HR push-ups

50 clean-and-jerks (135/95 pounds)

50 pull-ups

50 kettlebell “taters” (Red/Green)

50 box jumps (24/20)

50 wall climbs

50 GHD Sit-Ups

400m 1-Arm KB (Red/Green) Farmer Carry.  Switch hands as needed.  But very time you set it down, run back to the gym and apologize to me for your lack of grip strength and mental toughness, and then do a rope climb. 



2x2 @ 70%

2x2 @ 75%

2x1 @ 80%


On the minute x 8 - 1 Rep @ 85%


5 Sets of:

4 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk

Climb in weight.

Programming For Monday, 02.05.2018 - FRIDAY, 02.09.2018

Monday, 02.05.2018

A: Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets):
Bench Press x 3 reps

Suggested loads per set (by %): 70, 75, 80, 85, 90+

Once you have found your 3-RM, then perform the following…

Every 3 minutes, for 6 minutes (2 sets):
Bench Press x Max Reps @ -10 to 15 lbs off today’s last set

B.  Five rounds for time of:
200m Run. (15/12 Cal Row or Bike if weather dictates)
20 Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches (50/30 lbs)

TUESDAY, 02.06.2018

In teams of two, complete five rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters (partners must stay together) 500m Row if needed
20 Deadlifts (10 each – 225/155 lbs)
30 Pull-Ups (15 each)

Partners must run together, and may only start deadlifts once both members are back at the barbell.

WEDNESDAY, 02.07.2018

Every 2 minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets):
High Hang + Hang Snatch

Build over the course of the eight sets to a moderately heavy.

Five rounds for time of:
20 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) Women throw to a 10' target today, men throw to 11'
5 Squat Snatches (135/95 lbs) Scale to 40-50% of your 1RM

THURSDAY, 02.08.2018

In teams of two, partners alternate complete rounds for as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 lbs) Use a weight that allows you to go unbroken throughout the WOD.
10 Burpees Over the Barbell

Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes (2 sets of each):
Minute 1 – Strict Ring Pull-Ups x 6-8 reps
Minute 2 – Prone Plank x 40 seconds
Minute 3 – Landmine Rows x 6-8 reps @ 2111 (Left Arm)
Minute 4 – Landmine Rows x 6-8 reps @ 2111 (Right Arm)
Minute 5 –Rest

FRIDAY, 02.09.2018

Four sets of:
Back Squat x 8 reps
Rest 3 minutes

Choose the same weights you used last week. If you missed last week’s squat session, select a weight that will make your final 2-3 reps of your final set extremely difficult.

Three rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run (500m Row if weather dictates)
30 Alternating Cossack Squats (35/20# KB in a goblet hold) If mobility is an issue, do not add weight to this movement.
15 Toes to Bar (Scale to a kipping progression that we coached on last week)

WOD: 01.20.2018

Saturday WOD! 9am and 11am

on the 0:00...

3 Rounds:

27 Cal Bike

21 Toe to Bar

15 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)

On the 20:00...

3 Rounds:

1 Legless Rope Climb (standard rope climbs or 2 rope lowers)

20 GHD Sit-Ups (weighted abmat sit-ups 25/15)

20 Handstand Push-Ups (DB push press)

On the 30:00...

1 Round:

50 Wall Balls (30/20)

40 D-Ball Squats (100/70)

Accumulate 5 Min D-Ball Hold (100/70)



On the :90 Seconds x 3 Rounds @ 40%

3 Power Snatch 

2 Hang Squat Snatch

1 Squat Snatch

2: HANG POWER SNATCH. Rest 2 min between sets to assess technique and work on visualizing your perfect lift.

3x2 @ 70%

2x2 @ 75%

2x2 @ 80%

WOD: 01.19.2018


Hey Team,

When I first opened our gym in 2012, I swore that for better or worse I would run the business exactly the way I wanted .  A place where I could be myself and a gym where members are free to let their hair down and keep it real.

I have always been careful to, and taken pride in running an honest business, and in treating our people the way I would like to to be treated. It has been a point of pride for me throughout our years in business, and that won't change going into the future.

A year ago, we had 129 members.  Remember those days? Classes were HUGE.  Slowly, people started avoiding certain class times due to the size.  Then gradually people began to leave, for the same reason. 

For the last year I haven't done any serious advertising. No Groupon, or big specials.  I've let the gym find its balance, and I think we have.  We've been in a holding pattern for the last 3 months, as far as membership numbers go, as I've let things settle.

The gym has found its sweet spot.  Retention is solid, class sizes are perfect (in my opinion), and we are able to provide the type and quality of coaching that I believe is missing in most other gyms, not just in CrossFit. 

So the decision was: raise membership rates, or bring in 30 more members and try to manage chaos.  It was an easy decision, only because of its necessity.  We have more classes, more equipment, and better coaching than any gym in our area, and our rates have been considerably lower than other local CF boxes. 

So beginning February 1st, all members will be brought to our 2018 rate of either $119 or $149 per month. And because I love you all equally, we'll also cease "special case" discounts on that date.

I know the increase isn't much for most of you, but there are other cases, and I understand that.

If this places too much of a surprise burden on your budget, you may prepay for up to 2 months in advance at your current rate. This payment is due before Feb 1st. Then, beginning April 1st, (or 15th) you can make your fist payment at the new rate.


For the few of you that have Paid In Full for the year, you will not owe anything, and won't be due for an increase until your current 12 months expires.  At that time you can purchase a paid in full 6 months, or 12 months at our current rates, minus your 10% or 15% discount for being a Paid In Full.


Those of you on a Couples Membership will still receive 10% off of the second membership.


1: You may Freeze your membership for 30, 60, or 90 days for any reason, at $25/per month of the Freeze. 

2: If the Freeze is for a medical reason, for you or a family member, you will not be charged.


If you believe that your case warrants a different arrangement from everyone else in the gym, you can email me directly at ty@crossfitcimmeria.com.

I am meeting with the coaching staff on Friday to discuss some changes to help us continue providing the best CrossFit experience around.  I want to provide our members with the best, and I will be expecting the very best from our coaching staff.  

I will post some of the changes here on the website over the weekend, after the Coaches meeting on Friday.

I am super stoked to announce that on February 17th from 5-9pm, we will be offering a CFC Parents Night Out.  You are welcome to bring your kiddos by anytime during those hours, allowing parents some much needed adult time.  

We will have a video game system set up, as well as projector and large screen for a movie.  Please provide snacks and drinks for your kids. 

This is a free event for our members and their kids.

There will be a sign up board out on the floor beginning next Monday.  Please sign up if you plan to drop your kids off, and let us know how many kids you're bringing, to help Howard and Gina better plan.

Looking forward to a great 2018, Cimmerians. Thank you for allowing me an incredibly rewarding career.  I promise to give you my best.

WOD: 01.19.2018

Met-Con: 20 Min AMRAP

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:

Deadlift (275/185) Scale to 60% or less.  If your form breaks down, drop weight immediately. 

Strict Pull-Ups  (scale to rings or bands)

Max Calorie Row in remaining time. (bikes can be used in larger classes)