Coaching the Met-Con

One of the biggest gripes I've heard over the years from our gym members is how annoyed they become if a coach tries to "coach" them during a Met-Con.

t's easy to see the value in coaching during skill work, warm up sets, and actual lifting time, but even good coaches can be gun shy about coaching during a WOD. But they shouldn't be.

Think about it another way. Pick your favorite sports team. What are their practices are like, and how are they run?

Then imagine if teams practiced together with a coach evaluating, cuing, and and guiding them through every movement.
That teams coach will give cues and suggestions based on what they see. Imagine though, if on game days, the coach didn’t show up to the game, let alone coach! Please let that register for moment.
Some of the best opportunities for growth, for both coaches and athletes happen during game time!

And CrossFit Met-Cons are our game time.
A great coach is just as involved during the workout or game time as they are during practice. (the warm up, skill session, and lifting time)

Coaches need to intervene when the weights are too heavy or affect the athlete’s ability to get the desired stimulus, or maintain safe movement patterns.

We as coaches need to motivate and encourage our athletes to move faster at times. We also need to slow them down to help them mover better, at times.

Personally, I try not to completely stop someone from moving during a workout. I'll give verbal cues if possible, and sometimes it takes me saying it 2 or 3 times but almost always that is enough to get them back to focusing on the issue I want to correct.

Please keep in mind that if your coach gives you cues, things to work on during a Met-Con, he/she is not "calling you out" or trying to sabotage your time. They see something that is either going to re-enforce bad habits, isn't meeting a standard, or is out right dangerous to you or others.

If your coach is giving you cues during a Met-Con, your coach is COACHING.

Again, keep in mind the sports team analogy. A good coach shows up on game day, and does their job.

As a gym owner, and as an athlete, I want my coaches coaching!

Hope this helps you see the difference between being "called out" and being coached, and why the best coaches, coach.

Coach Ty