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CrossFit Cimmeria & Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser!

TOTAL FUNDS RAISED: $1,358 (updated 10/29/17 @5pm)

Join us for another exciting fundraiser!  Our goal is to get some awesome new equipment for CFC, and also support the local Boys & Girls Club!  Half of all funds raised will go to support local kiddos through programs at the Boys and Girls Club.

I'm so proud of our family here at CrossFit Cimmeria, and love having the opportunity to help our local community as well.  Our last fundraising event had amazing success, with only 4 days notice, we had to do it bigger and better this time!

Here's the plan: Coach Brian and I will be carrying the 100# D-Ball from CFC, 44 miles, and up 3000ft to Mt. Hood Skibowl. Maddie and Lauren will be carrying the 60# ball for the same trek. 

The planned start time is 4am on Saturday, November 4th. We hope to reach Skibowl by 8am the next day. 30 hours of straight grinding.

We're partnering with Rogue, Big 5, Chipotle, CrossFit HQ, and others, as well as local news and media outlets, to raise as much money for our gym, and the Boys and Girls Club as possible.

We are asking for donations of any size, per mile. Example: $1/Mile would be a $44 donation.

Please use the link below to make your donation online.  If you prefer to donate in a different manner, please contact Ty: