Cimmeria Climbing Center Fund


Cimmeria Climbing Center Fund


This is the official kick off to our "Get Gresham and East Portland Climbing" crowd-sourcing effort! (Note: The default amount is set to $1.00; to give more, enter the amount in the quantity field. For example, if you want to give $20.00, enter 20 for quantity.)

I've been a strength and conditioning coach my entire life, as well as an avid climber. I taught rock climbing at Mt. Hood Community College for 2 years while I finished my Bachelors Degree at Eastern Oregon State University.

Out of college I opened CrossFit Cimmeria, and have loved every minute of the last 6 years of coaching here in Gresham. However, as a small business owner, husband, and father, I'm just not willing to sacrifice other responsibilities to drive to lower NE or NW to get my climb on.

East Portland / Gresham wants and needs a climbing gym; I'm sure of it.

I'm so sure of it that I'm moving my gym, CrossFit Cimmeria, to a new location so that we can grow into a full blown bouldering gym, and beyond.

I've leased the space and it's super central, on NE 181st.

Members of my gym will begin training here on Monday, September 3rd, and the goal is to open the climbing gym on the same day.

I'm realistic. I know that what this climbing gym can be is not what I'll open with on day one.

I've grown my CrossFit gym from absolutely nothing, to one of the best around; a gym and a community that I'm extremely proud of. With a little help, I'm going to do the same with the CrossFit Cimmeria Climbing Center!

Every single cent that is donated will go to the CFC Climbing Center fund, and we will post pics of receipts for anything that we've spent the money on (visit our Facebook page for updates).

This is to be a grassroots community gym, funded and built locally.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Grand Opening on Monday September 3rd!

Ty Holbrook 
CrossFit Cimmeria 

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