“Great things never came from comfort zones.”  - Anonymous

Change can be uncomfortable, but without change, progress is impossible...in fact, the basis for CrossFit revolves around constantly varied movements.  Change defines CrossFit. 

CrossFit Cimmeria has moved locations as of September 3rd, and with that move there will be changes.  These changes will include a more efficiently organized workout space, some slight changes to the class schedule, some possible new policies, and perhaps some growth in our community.  We ask for your patience during this time as we all make adjustments to the new space and encourage constructive feedback if you see an area to improve. 

One of the best things about Cimmeria is the community of people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones to make things happen.  Thank you to everyone who is making this change with us, and those who were able to lend a hand in the process; we have become what we are because of this community, and will only continue to work toward greatness together. 

If you haven’t checked out the new location yet, make sure to get here this week:

1410 NE 181st Ave Portland, OR 97230


Simply put, CrossFit is a philosophy of using varied, functional movements during short, intense workouts to improve overall fitness and health.  However, everyone gets something different out of it; keep reading to find out what CrossFit Cimmeria can do for you.

Scalability That Is Universal

Whether you're a professional athlete, out of shape, or a retiree, the CrossFit program is adapted to suit the needs of any individual. We scale the loads, repetitions, or even the exercises and produce the same fitness. Should Grandma do CrossFit? Absolutely! Will it look very different from a CrossFit Games-level athlete? Without a doubt.



You'll celebrate personal records alongside other athletes (all participants are considered athletes no matter what level). You'll have the opportunity to experience community events, such as Paleo potlucks, competitions, team events, learning workshops, and subject matter expert lectures. Or, you can just come in on an active rest day, and mobilize your tired muscles and chat with friends.

General Physical Preparedness

No matter how simple the task, by practicing a wide array of functional movements, you'll be increasing your longevity and independence. Gone are the days of "back and bi's, chest and tri's." Welcome to a world where routine is the enemy and the certainty is change.